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The company “Metalinvest” offers you a wide range of products:  

  • Re-bars: А500, 25Г2С  
  • Hot-rolled, cold-rolled sheet
  • Cold-rolled sheet: 08ПС
  • Angle: hot-rolled  09Г2С
  • Wire rod
  • Bar support
  • Profiled sheeting 0,845 X 12 X 0.6
  • Canning lids
  • Crown caps


MetalInvestCold-rolled sheet

     Cold-rolled sheet is manufactured in compliance with GOST 9045-93, up to 3.9 mm thick out of steel grades: 08ю, 08пс, 08кп.
     Steel gauge complies with GOST 19904-74.
     Chemical composition of steel complies with GOST 9045-93.
     By the state of surface low-carbon cold-rolled steel sheets are subdivided into the following groups: glossy, dull and rough.
     Cold-rolled galvanized sheet is particularly popular among consumers. Rolled products must be produced under heat treatment the kind of which is determined by the manufacturer.

MetalinvestHot-rolled sheet

     Hot-rolled sheet is supplied in the form of sheets or coils and may be as follows: of ordinary quality, low-alloyed, of constructional quality.
     Hot-rolled sheet of various sizes and grades is on sale.

     Hot-rolled sheet is subdivided into:

  1. by rolling precision at thickness up to 12 mm; extended precision – A; single precision – B.
  2. by flatness: particularly high flatness, high flatness, improved flatness, normal flatness.
  3. by nature of edge: with seared edge, with mill edge
  4. by sizes  

     Ordinary quality sheet is produced from thin sheet steel (thickness 0.5-3.9 mm) GOST 16523-89 and thick sheet steel (thickness 4-160 mm) GOST 14637-89.

     Sheet gauge complies with GOST 19903-74, chemical composition of steel – GOST 380. By standard characteristics sheet is subdivided into 6 categories: 1-5 hot-rolled state, (6) hardened state. Sheet is produced under thermal treatment, with etched and non-etched surface.


     Re-bars is a sort of long products, in particular hot-rolled round steel bar of plain (plain bars a1) and die-rolled profile (riffled bars a3) designated for reinforcement of ordinary and prestressed concrete constructions. 









MetalinvestWire rod

     Ordinary quality carbon steel wire rod designated for wire drawing and other purposes is manufactured in compliance with GOST 535-88. At the same time, wire rod dimensions comply with GOST 30136-95. Wire-rod is made from ordinary quality carbon steel of grades: СтО, Ст1, Ст2, СтЗ of all deoxidation levels in compliance with GOST 30136-95.
Wire rod may be air cooled or undergo single-stage (У01) or two-stage (У02) accelerated cooling.

By rolling precision, wire rod is made in compliance with GOST 2590:
• B — extended precision; 
• В — C — single precision. 

Wire rod is produced of diameter 6.5, 8.0 and 10.0 in the form of continuous coils. 
Wire rod is used for wire drawing (ТУ 14-15-212-89) and packing/other purposes (ТУ 14-15-213-89).


     Angle is a metal long product produced on tubular mills from quality constructional steel. Rolling angle beam is used nearly in all areas. It is particularly widely used in construction as a stiff reinforcement for concrete strengthening (as well as channel, T-piece and I beam) in monolithic constructions of high frame buildings, in heavily loaded and long-span floors and roofs.




MetalInvestRound bar support

     Round bar support (cover block) is designated for protective cover formation in vertical and horizontal planes. It is used with re-bars of 5 mm diameter (support 5/10, 5/15, 5/20, 5/25, 5/30), 10-12 mm (support 12/20), 12 mm (support 12/30). Round bar support provides protective cover from 10 mm to 30 mm.
These are produced of restricted length within the specific cut length.


Profiled sheeting H75

     Profiled sheeting H75 has a number of advantages:
- High corrosion resistance and mechanical resistance;
- Relative lightness (weight 1 sq2 – 5-16 kgs).
- Material tractable in housing: cuttable, drillable, does not require special skills for installation; 
- Low financial and physical expenses, no maintenance costs;
- Opportunity of multiple application;
- Ecological purity.







We manufacture lids СКО 1-82 in two variants each having its peculiarities:
Home canning lids СКО 1-82 and industrial canning lids СКО 1-82

Metal lids
Home canning lids СКО 1-82
For preserving glass jars, standard size 1-82
     Home canning lids СКО 1-82 are made from food tin-plate designated for packing canned food by using modern paint materials highly resistant to mechanical damages, alkaline and acidic media which is particularly important for preservation of canned food products.

Metal lids
Industrial canning lids СКО 1-82
For preserving glass jars, standard size 1-82

     Industrial canning lids СКО 1-82 are made from food tin-plate designated for packing canned food by using modern paint materials highly resistant to mechanical damages, alkaline and acidic media which is particularly important for preservation of canned food products.
MetalInvest     Maximal level of resistance to various aggressive media enables to use them in canning of all possible kinds of products by various methods of preservation: jams, jelly, compotes, marmalades, puree, pickles, marinades, stewed meat etc. This is achieved by using special paint materials of universal properties encompassing a wide range of canned products. 
Presently we offer you lids produced by using new paint materials. They differ from each other by colour of internal surface having silver-grey tint because enamel is used for improvement of quality characteristics which consists of special fillers ensuring high resistance to mechanical effect.
     Industrial canning lids manufactured by us are mainly distinguished by:
     Intensified double-layer lacquer coating of internal surface of the lids ensuring high resistance to various aggressive media and mechanical effect;
     Application of high quality tin plate of electrolytic tinning (tinplate thickness 0.22 mm).
     Opportunity to apply a lithograph of any complexity according to the customer’s design.
     Opportunity to make a lid both with a stiffening plate and without it (using a stiffening plate ensures additional durability of the lid construction).

MetalInvestCrown cap

     Market researches on capping of water from mineral springs, sweet drinks, juices, and beer show customers’ interest to this kind of goods bottled in glass containers with capacity of 0.33 – 0.5 l, capped in a classical manner, i.e. by crown caps of various modifications including abbreviation of the logo applied on the cap surface.

     Even though the new technologies entered to the Russian market – plastic and polyethylene vessels, accordingly other cork variations, have become competitive with local manufacturers, the customer has become ‘satiated” with analogous mass bottling of drinks in artificial vessels and for the last 3-4 years a noticeable increase is observed in interest in the classical scheme of using all kinds of drinks supplied to the domestic customer market.

     Poor-quality drinks and falsification of brand-names of our manufacturers coupled with the high level printing have caused many drinks to become dangerous for health of our population. Glass bottles corked with crown cap with a logo clearly define the location, trade mark and date of manufacture of the commodity.

     Therefore, crown cap was given a new lease of life and crown cap manufacturers got a second wind at the new wave of demand. Certainly, significant changes were made in the crown cap manufacture and it was not from aesthetic point of view only. For instance, instead of a well-known cardboard “coin” covered with film, the bottom of each cork is currently filled with special table spread as well as modern polymer materials: polyethylene, PVC etc. Thus, crown cap complies with GOSTs and standards of modern food production.